Vequence enables you to find, sample and arrange video moments that you and your friends enjoy and find memorable.


The vision of the Vequence team wasn't to create just another version of video network where users can upload their video clips or loops. Moreover, it was to enable the users to use already available video content from networks like YouTube and create new stories by sampling the best moments out of it.


In the beginning, we focused on the network with the highest traffic and amount of videos, YouTube. Our goal was to stream videos directly from YouTube and enable the user to sample the moments without downloading the video to our servers or user devices. This proved to be pretty challenging to solve on the Android platform since we wanted to provide to the user a great user experience while watching and sampling moments, but we took the challenge. In the end, we were able to find the solution how to pre-cache the moments so that the users can enjoy moments in usual speed.

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