Snoozr eliminates the need for multiple alarm entries and creates an alarm that needs only one input to get you up - the Uptime.

The concept

Snoozr was envisioned to start a bit earlier and increase the intensity and span of the alarms as it approaches the desired wake up time. That way, Snoozer ensures to wake up softly and natural, without even noticing the presence of an alarm.

  • Analog sounds
    Analog sounds
  • Digital sounds
    Digital sounds
  • Mediation sounds
    Mediation sounds
  • Nature sounds
    Nature sounds

Design challenges

We decided to challenge our UI limits and go forward with a rather unusual concept. The motive was an open, intriguing landscape, that could easily morph into various moods or weather conditions. We’ve come up with an infinite scrolling time bar that moves accordingly with the landscape, in line with the time/weather conditions. Upon swiping the UI up or down, more detailed information is revealed.

Focus on data

No concept is strong enough if it does not prove itself on the field - so we set up a test group who would wake up with Snoozr for a week. During this process, we learned a vast amount of user behavior from each other and from our test users, enough to wrap it to a more structured and pleasant experience.

Choosing the right pattern proved to be challenging. The only right way to test it was to try it out. So we let Snoozr wake us up every morning till we found the perfect one, before launching it.

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