ShutApp is a free and easy to use Timer app that helps you and your friends take a break from your phone and enjoy the real moment.

The idea

ShutApp was created to solve a problem that has steadily been on the rise in the digital economy of 24/7 online accessibility - nomophobia.

The challenge

Developing a digital detox App that helps people deal better with their digital and mobile habits sounds weird at first. As we began working on ShutApp, the biggest challenge was to develop a simple and unique app that confronts people with the problem of nomophobia and simultaneously represents a unique solution that helps solve it.

Motivating users

As it is well known with other addictions - data shows that fighting an addiction is better and more fun when you do it in a group. Therefore, the key was to motivate people to take a break from the phone through the option of doing it in a group and create a feature set that can be implemented on every mobile operating system. Furthermore, we wanted to keep the user motivated; in order to do so we also implemented a monitoring section with the major stats, so that the users can track their improvement and share their results with friends.

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