Prism Skylabs

Creating UI solutions for Prisms real-world video and data visualization platform that uses advanced computer vision to display meaningful real-world data across devices.

Prism uses machine intelligence to extract data from video and enables the customer to explore his business from anywhere using advanced computer vision technology. All this data is served via a webpage or mobile apps. On our end, the most focus went on the client side to create a fluid user experience across mobile devices, tablets, and wearables.


The project kicked off with an exploration sprint where various aspects of visualising, searching and monitoring data was explored and prototyped. As a result, best practices were taken over and developed in ongoing sprints and finetuned.


Working alongside Prism’s team enabled both sides to explore various design ideas and try out different UI patterns in order to find the most efficient design, taking in account development and cross-platform scalability.

Additionally, in order to provide a unique, branded experience to its customers, white-labeling options were explored in various directions. This enabled incorporation of light and dark themes, customisable accent colors and CI elements on demand.

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