MovieCrush enables you to recommend movies, series and shows to your friends.

The simple problem

The rise of the on demand video streaming services has amplified the well-known problem of the mankind “what should I watch next.” Despite recommendation and ranking platforms, people spend a lot of time looking for the next movie or series to watch and in the end, they end up asking their friends. This is how the MovieCrush idea was born.

MVP approach

We wanted to keep the process as simple as possible in order to test the idea quickly. That is why we decided to take a minimal viable product (MVP) approach. In other words - we have focused on the main feature and kept the UI clean and simple. The first version of the app should be all about one thing: send and receive movie and series recommendations. After fast preparation and strategy phase, we have established a basic feature set, found a suitable database and started to bring our idea to life.

What's next

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