Izvor Insurance

Supporting the age of digital insurance agents. Imagine having a personal insurance agent that you can reach through Facebook Messenger.

Creating a fun and engaging Messanger Chatbot experience has to start with real people, and replicate real conversations. That’s why our process starts with capturing storys and emotions of real people.


The goal was to automate insurance inquiries and create a personalized digital experience for customers on Facebook Messenger platform. Therefore, real agents were digitalized and enhanced with chatbot technology, merging best of both worlds.

  • We did it!
    We did it!
  • Car insurance?
    Car insurance?
  • Can I email you?
    Can I email you?
  • Didn’t get it!?
    Didn’t get it!?

Conversion improvement

Since launch, the personalized insurance chatbot improved conversion rates and general customer interest for insurance policies. Also, the customer satisfaction was great throughout the journey, creating plenty of followup opportunities and acquisition options.

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