HPI Gesund­heitscloud

Imagine a safe place for your medical documents, online. A place where both medical professionals as well as patients have access to. A secure, yet personal space for your health.

Buiding a complex health platform requires a strong, capable team. Martian & Machine joined forces with the Gesundheitscloud team in Potsdam, in order to support development operations. To ensure a swift and focused development flow, both kick off and major milestones were carried off in with GCs team.

Secure infrastructure

The goal of the Gesundheitscloud was not only to create a single application for the specific target group but also to create a secure, end to end encrypted infrastructure, that can be used by ordinary people and health professionals and get implemented by healthcare providers and digital health application providers.

Customer Oriented

In order to create a face for the platform, a customer centric design had to be created, to ensure ease of access for a variety of profiles, who range from young to mature adults and seniors who would like to have a safe place for their medical records on one end, and doctors or medical professionals on the other. With that in mind, the design had to serve a wide range of profiles that differ profoundly in IT literacy, platform, and use case.

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