UI/UX Design

Design is deeply embedded in our products and the way we create them. Every product starts with design thinking in mind and originates in an user-centric environment. At Martian & Machine, design simplicity and intuitively is the core of all our products, it's where all starts.

Mobile platforms design

Our mobile designs are well thought of, providing an user-centric experience on screen, one task at a time. As we strive to deliver the best possible user experience, we embody proven patterns that enhance intuitively and make the product engaging and fun to interact with.

Web responsive design

Designing web products always starts with a mobile first approach. We think of a simple, intuitive product and scale it upwards. In addition, big focal points are small interactions and animations that transform the UI, implying the user in a subtle way what actions he can undertake.

Conversational design

Conversational interfaces have been heavily influenced by the artificial intelligence rise past few years. The experience of such interfaces is new and challenging, asking both designers and users to explore and co-create. Learning from those experiences, we've successfully created numerous Chatbots (both conversational and voice) and gained valuable experience that enabled us to create the most simple and intuitive conversational interfaces on the market today.

Web Development

Deep expertise around the modern web and webapps

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