Product Strategy

Writing strategies based on just theory is what we don’t like. That is why we are focusing on practicality and integrate all relevant skill sets (developers, designers, strategists) into our strategy process. Our process includes market research, ideation, business modelling and technical check.

Start - Understand and challenge

Regardless if there is a clear idea or just first thoughts, at the beginning we focus on understanding the goals of the client and challenging the value of the idea for the targeted users.

Explore the solution

We believe in execution and execution for us starts by concepting the right solution for the problem we are trying to solve together with our client. We compare similar solutions (if available), do research on what already works or not, do technical check in order to evaluate technical risk and focus on creating new or better solutions. Dependent on the client goals, we establish a suitable business model for each product we build.

Deliverable - specification and roadmap

Specification with clear feature set is the guideline that designers and developers use in order to bring your product to life. By investing more time into proper product strategy phase and engaging all relevant skill sets, you can safe much time for the next phases.

UI/UX Design

Usability driven design that challenges the idea

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