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Zagreb provides the answer to the question where our operations are executed. As a city with a strong creative and technology driven mindset, it's a great place to be if you aim to work with communicative, open minded professionals or talents. Values that drive our team in Zagreb are strictly oriented towards teamwork, open communication and a flat hierarchy where we aim to learn from each other and question everything.

To boost efficiency and provide the best possible work environment, our office is located in center of Zagreb's business district, with a short connection to the Airport, in one of the most advanced towers in this region where we enjoy the stunning view over Zagrebs rooftops.

04 Positions

Senior UX Designer

We’re searching for a passionate, motivated UX designer to join our team. Someone who's eager to bring innovative ideas to life that will make peoples lives easier.

Zagreb | Full-time | In-house

Senior UX/UI Designer

We’re searching for a passionate, motivated digital designer to join our team. Someone who is highly creative and aims to move beyond what consumers want, but rather what they need.

Zagreb | Full-time | In-house

iOS developer

Been here since iOS 2.0? You used xibs and managed your memory manually? Wrote complex SQLs when Core data was not around? Got rejected more times than you can count? Keep reading, you might be the [NSNumber numberWithInt:1].

Zagreb | Full-time | In-house

JS Frontend Developer

We are looking for a passionate, design driven JS Frontend Developer with love for micro transitions and high attention to detail.

Zagreb | Full-time | In-house

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