Senior Digital Designer

We’re searching for a passionate, motivated digital designer to join our team. Someone who is highly creative and aims to move beyond what consumers want, but rather what they need.

We embrace the power of teamwork and value of open and honest discussion. We want to hear how you argue your standpoint and challenge others' ideas. You’ll fit right in if your arguments are louder than your ego and your curiosity is above your comfort zone.

Re-imagine creativity

You'll be joining an in-house UI/UX design team with a proven track record, within a design-oriented culture. Where we expect the most impact from your end, is the creativity and interaction layer. We strive for clever and meaningful artwork, smooth micro-interactions and a different view angle. Ideally, we'd like to attain a complementary balance to our existing team and leverage it with a fresh, creative, rebellious mindset.

We're sold if you...

  • ... care about user-centric design
  • ... are enthusiastic about the digital shift
  • ... observe, challenge and improve ideas on a daily basis
  • ... have overcome the 'hasn't been done yet' syndrome
  • ... value curiosity above your comfort zone
  • ... keep trying until you get it right

Your experience

Once the chemistry is checked, you'd also need to provide a strong portfolio showcasing a variety of deliverables (e.g. wireframes, flow diagrams, research, illustrations, prototypes, etc...) that demonstrate a thoughtful approach to solving complex design problems while embedding optical playfulness and creativity at a high level. Also, we're not hard on facts like years of experience or previous positions - we believe that your portfolio is speaking for itself, so let it be the judge.

Let's be a bit more pragmatic. Illustration, motion and interaction, problem-solving and high attention to detail, underlined with bold esthetics is where you'll score the most. Of course, don't be shy if you're stronger on UI/UX or various other disciplines, we'd love to hear you out.


  • Drive the big change
    Create digital products with companies that have the power, resources and infrastructure to make a change.
  • Manage your own schedule
    Manage your own time, be available to the team, and we don’t care if you’re not a morning person.
  • Value based income
    Grow, be curious, and add value. We’ll be happy to compensate for it appropriately.
  • Education and courses budget
  • Free lunch, coffee and drinks
  • Mac workstation
  • Business trips to Germany
  • Access to partner business network

Now, we’d love you to have acquired following skills to be considered. Read further and keep in mind that we’re open to talents who are quick learners, even if you lack some of those skills but excel in others, we’re open to invest time in your learning curve.

Get integrated

Team culture and processes are important for us, and we'd like to pinpoint how we work and what tools we use up front.

  • you'll join a flat organization where the best argument wins
  • you'll have time to learn, explore and improve
  • you'll get to work on cherry picked creative projects
  • you'll experience what it's like to work with the big guys (if you haven’t already)

Must haves

  • strong portfolio
  • strong conceptualisation and visual communication ability
  • competent with Adobe Creative Cloud, Sketch and Prototyping tools
  • relevant interface design patterns insights
  • excellent communication skills and speaks English (or German)
  • understanding of common software development practices

Bonus points

  • insight into mobile industry and emerging trends
  • heavy mobile user who knows all new (or relevant) apps
  • ability to converse with engineers and communicate ideas easily
  • experience working in fast-paced development cycles to deliver results quickly
  • ability to communicate effectively across multiple departments
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Some tips: please attach only .doc, .docx or .pdf files. Also keep it short and focused – we’d rather hear about your skills or problems you solved by thinking outside of the box. Also – let us know why you would consider to join us and what we can expect from your side.

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