Senior iOS developer

We’re searching for a passionate, motivated Senior iOS Developer to join our team. Someone who is highly enthusiastic about the iOS platform and the mobile landscape.

Do you ♥ hacking with Swift on different platforms? Did you survive golden days of Objective-C? Do you enjoy random Xcode crashes or merging Storyboard conflicts? Continue reading and you might find your dream job!

Let's be a bit more pragmatic

Clean code, good architecture, creative problem-solving, high attention to design details, knowledge of platform capabilities and design choices is where you'll score the most. Of course, these are not the only things that make a good iOS developer so don't be shy if your stronger side lies somewhere else.

We're almost sold if you…

  • ... are genuinely passionate about the iOS platform and the mobile landscape in general
  • ... care about user experience and know how much that final 20% matters
  • ... love technology and keep up to date with industry trends
  • ... can work well with teams in a deadline-driven environment
  • ... believe that automatization can improve everyday work drastically
  • ... are fun and engaging - we like to have a good time

If you want us to be sold entirely, you got to have following skills…

Your must-have skills / experience

  • ... 4+ years of experience in iOS app development
  • ... advanced knowledge and experience with Swift
  • ... good understanding of Objective-C
  • ... experience with iOS SDK, Xcode, Git, popular 3rd party libraries
  • ... knowledge and experience with different architectural patterns like MVC, MVVM, VIPER
  • ... experience with API integration, server-side systems, JSON, Protobuf, WebSockets
  • ... experience with unit, integration and UI testing
  • ... knowledge of iOS UI patterns and design principles
  • ... experience with complex UI and multilanguage universal apps
  • ... passion for clean code and performance/optimization
  • ... published apps on the AppStore
  • ... got rejected from the AppStore
  • ... excellent English communication skills

Keep in mind that we’re open to talents who are quick learners, even if you lack some of those skills but excel in others, we’re open to invest time in your learning curve.

Bonus points

  • ... prominent applications in your portfolio
  • ... involvement with Open Source community
  • ... work on server side Swift (we love Vapor!)
  • ... strong StackOverflow profile
  • ... professional experience with Android
  • ... reactive programming
  • ... experience with ML, AR or VR
  • ... hardware pet projects
  • ... linux knowledge, shell scripting
  • ... experience as DevOps with docker, k8s
  • ... ability to communicate effectively across multiple departments
  • ... German language
  • ... whatever you might find unique or interesting

Help us shape (products of) the future

We are partnering with important German organizations and corporations in the health, fashion and Proptech industry to help them in their quest for digitalization. Currently, we are helping leading German automakers to reimagine their digital ecosystem.

You'll be joining an in-house development team that values clean code, smart but intuitive apps and focus on user-driven development. You will help with developing meaningful apps that will impact people around the world. Be creative, learn and improve while working with the best companies on some of the most intriguing projects.

What’s in it for you

  • Drive the big change, grow, be curious
    Create digital products with powerful companies.
  • Manage your own schedule
    Manage your own time and be available to the team, and we don’t care if you’re not a morning person.
  • Value-based income
    Grow, be curious, and add value. We’ll be happy to compensate for it appropriately.
  • Free lunch, coffee, and drinks
  • Macbook or another laptop of your choice
  • Business trips to Germany
  • Access to partner business network
  • Top Office on the 22nd floor
  • Gross monthly income: 17 - 30k B1

Company culture - flat and no bullshit

We are a flat organization where the best argument wins and where you will get enough support to learn, explore and improve.

We work on cherry-picked creative projects with “the big guys”.

You’ll fit right in if your arguments are louder than your ego and your curiosity above your comfort zone.

Apply now

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Drop your portfolio & CV here!

Some tips: keep it short and focused – we’d rather hear about your skills or problems you solved by thinking outside of the box. Also – let us know why you would consider to join our team and what we can expect from your side.