iOS developer

Been here since iOS 2.0? You used xibs and managed your memory manually? Wrote complex SQLs when Core data was not around? Got rejected more times than you can count? Keep reading, you might be the [NSNumber numberWithInt:1].

Our ideal candidate

  • is deeply passionate about the iOS platform and the mobile landscape in general
  • has excellent communication skills and speaks English fluently
  • cares about user experience and knows how much that final 20% matters
  • loves technology and keeps up to date with industry trends
  • is able to work well with teams in a deadline-driven environment
  • is fun and engaging - we like to have a good time


  • 2+ years of experience in iOS app development
  • advanced knowledge and experience with Swift
  • experience with iOS SDK, Xcode, Git
  • knowledge and experience with different architectural patterns like MVC, MVVM, VIPER
  • experience with API integration, server-side systems, JSON, Protobuf, WebSockets
  • knowledge of iOS UI patterns and design principles
  • passion for clean code and performance/optimization
  • published apps on AppStore

Bonus points

  • prominent applications in your portfolio
  • involvement with Open Source community
  • strong Stack Overflow profile
  • professional experience with Android or Windows platforms
  • reactive programming
  • experience with computer vision
  • hardware pet projects
  • shell scripting

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Some tips: keep it short and focused – we’d rather hear about your skills or problems you solved by thinking outside of the box. Also – let us know why you would consider to join our team and what we can expect from your side.