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Exceptional results are achieved when a group of ordinary people is committed to work on projects with extraordinary impact.

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Instead of being big in hierarchies we offer a positive and collaborative atmosphere and straight talk. We constantly invest in our people and offices in Berlin and Zagreb to ensure a friendly, inspiring and playful environment. Whether we’re doing innovative work for clients or bringing our own ideas to life, we will always be open to all and believe in what we do.


Martian & Machine was founded to bring together like-minded people that have the ambition to learn, improve and teach. With our low hierarchy environment every person is asked to challenge ideas and take us one step further. Mentors, not commanders: you’ll have mentors and collaborators, not commanders. To put it this way – you’ll never get bossed around. Instead, you’ll take your own initiative.

Senior UI/UX Designer

We’re searching for a passionate, motivated UI/UX designer to join our team. Someone who is highly oriented towards design thinking and aims to move beyond what consumers want, but rather what they need.

Zagreb | Full-time | In-house

iOS senior developer

Been here since iOS 2.0? You used xibs and managed your memory manually? Wrote complex SQLs when Core data was not around? Got rejected more times than you can count? Keep reading, you might be the [NSNumber numberWithInt:1].

Zagreb | Full-time | In-house

JS Frontend Developer

We are looking for a passionate, design driven JS Frontend Developer with love for micro transitions and high attention to detail.

Zagreb | Full-time | In-house

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