Shutapp – Digital detox

ShutApp is a free and easy to use Timer app that helps you and your friends take a break from your phone and enjoy the real moment.

Nomophobia is on the rise

ShutApp was made to solve a problem that has steadily been on the rise in the economy of 24/7 online accessibility - nomophobia.

“Sorry what did you say?” Everyone knows situations like this one – missing out on real moments and not being part of the real world. Approximately 81% of people admit to interrupting conversations, mealtime, or playtime with family or friends in order to check their social media, text messages or emails. It has become a habit to be always “on” in our society. This behavior has not only become part of our society, but is also expected and rewarded, be it from employers that expect us to be available around the clock, customers that panic when mobile phones are not reachable or friends expecting feedback on their daily lives within minutes of happening. Smartphones are awesome, but sometimes you have to take a break from your phone and enjoy the real time with your friends and loved ones. That’s why we have developed ShutApp!

Challenge: Developing an app that improves your mobile usage

Developing a digital detox App that helps people deal better with their digital and mobile habits sounds weird at first. As we began working on ShutApp, the biggest challenge was to develop a simple and unique app that confronts people with the problem of nomophobia and simultaneously represents a unique solution that helps solve it.

Solution: Increasing usage via gamification through group time-outs

As it is well known with other addictions - data shows that fighting an addiction is better and more fun when you do it in a group. Therefore, the key was to motivate people to take a break from the phone through the option of doing it in a group and create a feature set that can be implemented on every mobile operating system. Furthermore, we wanted to keep the user motivated; in order to do so we also implemented a monitoring section with the major stats, so that the users can track their improvement and share their results with friends.

Design: Puristic design as the focal point of UI and UX

ShutApp is based on simple user flow and clean design. Our focus was on simplicity - users should get what they need as quickly as possible.

Target group

ShutApp is made for school children and university people who want to stay focused. Furthermore, ShutApp is made for everyone who wants to control their mobile usage to return to the real social life.

ShutApp and keep it real!

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