Long-term Partner for Startups at Every Stage

Startups are the reason we founded this company. It's what we are passionate about. Our offer includes a dedicated team and project based (on-demand) services. Basically, it does not matter if you are just starting or you have already launched - we are here to support you at every stage.

Starting Point

Before we start working together, we perform a kind of chemistry and idea check. It is important for us to have a good personal relationship with the founding team and to understand the problem you are trying to solve. That is why we always try to invest a bit more time into getting to know you. We meet either in one of our offices (Berlin or Zagreb), in your office, or even in a bar and talk about your idea, vision, goals and the reason why are you doing it. One of the essential parts of our meeting will be to challenge your idea. We just want to make sure you have found the best solution for your problem. After all, your success is our success.

On-demand Cooperation

Cooperation based on effort estimation. It's a common agency billing model. We make you an offer based on the man-days or hourly effort (including project management fee) we have estimated for the project. This is the right model for projects with clear scope, timeframe and a stable set of requirements.

Dedicated Team

We put together a dedicated team of developers, designers and project managers. Based on your needs, we can create a whole new team, or just complement your existing team in particular space. This is the right model for agile long-term projects and cooperation. The minimal signing period for this model is 6 months and includes fixed monthly fees.

On-demand cooperation very often turns into a long-term dedicated team cooperation. We put together a maintenance package for you that includes a dedicated team, and ensures continuous improvements and updates of your product.


Lack of resources, regardless if it is in the form of money or know-how, should not be the reason why passionate entrepreneurs with the right idea fail. That is why we also enter into co-founding deals with entrepreneurs we believe in. The conditions are always a bit different. Sometimes we are dramatically cutting the costs, other times we invest all of our time and help you create a great product. In return for that we get a share in your startup. Though we do not make these kind of deals often (1 or 2 per year), when we do it, we are all in.