Start Creating, Stop Talking

We partner with experienced brands to identify new business opportunities, to launch new services and products, and to add agility to existing processes. Instead of building digital products for punctual campaigns, we focus on digital experiences that are going to be used day by day.

Our ambition is to enable brands to work and innovate like startups. We have, therefore, developed 2 innovative approaches in which we create an agile environment to closely work together. We mix teams and build up an dedicated startup team with different skills.

Micro Labs

One-week intensive hackathon of the current business model ending in a prototype of the idea and a roadmap. Highlights: Super fast and very convenient to get inspired, to hack and to build a soft prototype

The Garage

Development and soft implementation of a new business (service, product etc.) based on our yearly budget. Highlights: Working environment and a structure of a startup - fast, collaborative, iterative and lean.

Results of the Micro Labs approach can be used perfectly as a starting shot for the Garage approach.

Classical Agency Work

From time to time we also do the so-called “classical agency work”. If we do so, the concept and the briefing has to really convince us (solving a real problem, having potential to generate a strong reach, etc.). Our ambition is to transform conventional work into innovational strength. To accomplish that, our dedicated Martian & Machine team makes your project their personal challenge to generate an outcome that makes a real impact - for the brand and for your workforce.